My First Year in Corporate Accounting

Oh hey! It has been over a year since I made the change from public accounting to corporate and I thought I would update you all on what my experience has been like. I currently work for a large public corporation as an investment accountant. Like many of you, I had some pre-conceived ideas about what it would be like to work in corporate accounting. Many of these ideas were spot on, but for quite a few of them I was wrong.

My first observation in corporate accounting was finding that the work load is often still very heavy. While there is a much better work- life balance, it is certainly not a “9 to 5” schedule. A few other observations I have made relate to the opportunities for advancement, the diversity, and variety of work in corporate accounting. If you are considering a career in corporate accounting, you may find this video helpful.

4 thoughts on “My First Year in Corporate Accounting

  1. Great video! Love your energy:) I can definitely relate. I had 3 internships at a Big Four accounting firm and then an internship in financial services. It’s completely different but you still have to put in the hours. My internship experience is what led me to starting my career as a financial analyst. I was so happy that I could enjoy a lunch break with fresh faces and not just with my coworkers. Lol. Audit requires you to be with your colleagues all day and that’s a lot for an introvert. Lol. You have to know YOU when choosing the type of work you want to do and who you want to work with. Later on, I realized becoming an author and writing a book was in my best interest. I published my book, “Dividends Are a Queen’s Best Friend” last year and it gave me a great opportunity to use my experiences to help make the lives of others easier and show other accountants and CPAs things we should consider while climbing the career ladder. I love it that your experiences are creating a story that will help other accountants on their journey. Keep it going!

    1. Charlene thank you so much for sharing your journey. I love your story-it’s very inspiring.

      I love that you have the financial background as well. Finance and accounting go together so well. I’m so grateful that I’m in investments now because although it’s different- I am learning so much. I think the best lessons come from the experiences we have along the way.

  2. I am in love with your blog and what it entails. You make the accounting struggle a very interesting one and your journey is quite exciting too!
    Love what you do/write.

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