Best Accounting YouTube Channels for Learning

Oh hey! Are you searching the web trying to find help with your accounting studies? When I was in school I had a few accounting professors who just didn’t do it for me. YouTube was the best tutor and it was free.

In today’s video I am sharing three of the best accounting channels on YouTube that help with learning. While there are countless other YouTube channels that speak to the accounting experience (like The Accounting Struggle) sometimes you just need to know how to convert from cash to accrual accounting. These channels will help you with that.

Accounting Stuff has a collection of short videos that focuses primarily on the basic accounting principles.

Leila Gharani is a channel that teaches accounting and finance with an emphasis in Excel and PowerPoint. Once you get into practice you will see how heavily used Excel and PowerPoint. Leila’s channel is a Godsend when you are in a pinch and need to learn how to use the “XLOOKUP” formula.

FARHAT’S Accounting Lectures is a channel that covers a range of accounting topics such as tax, audit, intermediate, governmental, financial, managerial, and more.Farhat’s lectures are very easy to follow and are taught directly from popular textbooks used in college courses. If you are struggling with an accounting topic in school or studying for the CPA exam and could use some extra help, this channel is for you.

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  1. I’m so glad I came across your channel! I feel like I’ll be better prepared to take the CPA exam, as soon as, I sit through the business portion of classes required lol!

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