How I Feel About my Current Accounting Role

The career options in accounting are rather broad. Although when most people hear that I am a CPA, they instantly ask if I can do their taxes or help their kid with math (not all accountants love math btw). There is much more that a career in accounting has to offer. As many of you already know, I got my start in accounting working at a CPA firm as a tax associate. I have spoken candidly about what my time there was like, but if you are curious you can check out my previous blog on this topic. I started in my current role in June 2019, and I want to share with you what my career in corporate accounting has been like so far.

This post is not meant to be a comparison of public accounting and corporate accounting, but rather a look at what a career in corporate accounting has to offer. I share a bit about the variety of work I am doing, the work environment, and how I feel about the compensation. If you are in the job search and want a better idea about what positions pay, be sure to check out Glassdoor as a resource. If you are not sure which direction you want to take in accounting, check out my post comparing public accounting to corporate accounting.

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