Oh hey, I’m Courtney- thanks for stopping by. If you have ever found yourself questioning whether to debit or credit, you’ve come to the right place.

The world of accounting can be a struggle at first. In the beginning you may find that you don’t know what you don’t know. I have learned this in my accounting internships as well as my full time role as an accountant. I have struggled, made countless mistakes, and endured much frustration along my journey.

The purpose of this blog to provide guidance for students and professionals working in areas of accounting so they can thrive in their careers.

The students that will benefit from this blog have less exposure to the professional environment. They are not yet seasoned in the areas of networking and professionalism. These individuals have the tools to succeed but they are not quite sure how to use them.

The professionals that will benefit from this blog have recently started out in their accounting careers and are still getting acclimated. These individuals may be struggling to make the transition from accounting student to accounting professional and could use some direction.

My goal is to provide guidance to these individuals by giving detailed study tips, networking advice, and going over some of the common mistakes to avoid when starting out in the accounting profession.