Preparing for a CPA Exam Retake

If you have been unsuccessful in passing your CPA exams and you are planning to retake them, perhaps you need a change in CPA review course. I used Becker to prepare for my CPA exam and after multiple failures, I finally passed. While Becker was a fine review course for me, it may not meet everyone’s needs.

I spoke to a few others along my journey and they mentioned that the turning point for them was changing their preparation materials and finding a better fit. There are so many exam m review courses to choose from and it can get quite pricey.

This is why I am excited to share with you a review course by i-75 CPA Exam Tutoring. I was able to try the FAR exam section of i-75’s review course and was very impressed with how straight forward the explanations were. I also appreciate that one on one tutoring is an option with i-75. These exam concepts can be quite complex, so don’t be ashamed if you need a little extra help. Check out i-75 and be sure to use code str10 to save 10% on purchases.

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