Prepare for the CPA Exam in Under 6 Weeks (per section)

The amount of time that I spent preparing to fail the CPA exam is truly astonishing. Early on in my CPA journey I gave myself months to prepare for each section so that I could “take my time” with the material and be sure to pass. Rather than use this additional study time to actually study, I did things like create new Pinterest boards and search Beyonce hashtags on Instagram. I found myself going from a relaxed, “I have three months” to a panicked “I have three days.”

When I started to give myself shorter windows to prepare, I saw a shift in my process that ultimately led to my success. You should be able to prepare in under six weeks for each section of the CPA exam, FAR being the exception. With the sheer amount of content that FAR covers, I suggest adding two extra weeks to your study schedule. In today’s post I am sharing how to prepare for the CPA exam sections in under six weeks.

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