Becoming an ACCA Member

Oh hey international accounting students! Are you looking for an accounting certification that will give you an edge above the competition? Surely you know all about the CPA exam but maybe that isn’t the route you want to take. Well, today I am talking all about the steps to becoming an ACCA member.

The ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The ACCA is based in the United Kingdom, but recognized globally, and highly respected in the commonwealth countries. In today’s video I will discuss the qualifications to become a member, the process of taking the ACCA papers (exams), and more. I will also examine how the ACCA membership stacks up to the CPA license. If students are trying to decide between the two, it may be helpful to have those comparisons. While ACCA members are global, not every company (specifically in the US) will see membership as a sufficient qualification for their accounting roles. Do give some thought to where you will likely spend your career when deciding if ACCA membership is right for you.

My research on the ACCA was limited, so if you are interested and would like more information on the process of membership, please seek out additional details. For more on membership qualifications, click here.

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