I Quit my Full-Time Accounting Job

Oh Heyyyyyyy! I missed you all more than you know. Thank you so much for your patience while I was MIA. Whew, the burnout was real. Anyway I am back now and ready to catch up. First things first- I quit my full time job in accounting. I actually did it! I had been in my role as an investment accountant working for a large insurance company for two years. There is a recap of what my first year in corporate was like posted in another blog. While it was a fantastic job, I had to let it go. In today’s video I will be sharing how I knew it was time to quit my job and what I did to prepare for my departure.

The Mindset Shift

In early 2020 I had a major mindset shift. To say that I have a strong work ethic would be an understatement. I started working my first “hustle” when I was about 12 years old. My weekends and summers were spent braiding and styling hair for money. I have held a steady job since I was 15 years old. The stability and predictability of having a job has always been my security blanket. My jobs over the years have funded my college education, bought me my first home at 20 years old, and afforded me the financial freedom to pursue my own business full time. All that to say- I love a job honey!

However, I recently decided that I wanted to work my job and not have my job work me. Starting my own accounting practice introduced me to a level of flexibility and empowerment that I knew I wouldn’t have working for someone else. Being able to control the amount of work I am taking on and adjust based on my need was something that I wanted more of. I also made the revelation that taking on more work meant making more money in my business. Independent of bonuses, this is something you don’t really experience as a salaried employee. When weighing the benefits against the risks, the choice seemed obvious that I should pursue my business full time. So with that I made a plan and quit my full time job so that I could focus on running my business.

Looking Ahead

Apparently, I am not alone in this change. There have been numerous articles written about the amount of millennials who have decided not to return to work since the pandemic. I am not certain if this trend is indicative of what the future holds for the employer/employee relationship. My guess is there will be a push for greater work life balance and flexibility moving forward. It is my hope that this video provides clarity and insight into the process of quitting your day job. If a job is no longer serving you, please know that with proper planning and preparation it is okay to walk away from it.

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