Accounting Entrepreneurship: Is It Right for You?

The beautiful thing about the accounting field are the endless career possibilities. Often times when students think of successful accounting careers, they think of Firm Partners, CFOs, and Controllers. While these are absolutely great examples of success, entrepreneurship is also an option. Entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone, but for those individuals who are a good fit, accounting entrepreneurship is a wonderful option. In today’s video I am discussing entrepreneurship. We will look at what accounting entrepreneurship is, whether it is a good fit, and how to get started.

When I started my accounting career several years ago I always knew that entrepreneurship was my end game. I didn’t necessarily see it as entrepreneurship at the time, but the vision that I had has always been clear. I knew that I was a career woman who would ultimately determine what type of clients I served, regulated how much work I took on at once, and did accounting work that I found to be exciting and rewarding. Over time this vision has been refined and I have determined that entrepreneurship is the most practical way to achieve this. I can’t stress enough that entrepreneurship is not for everyone though. There are a few key characteristics that most entrepreneurs have including discipline, drive, and the ability to execute. It is also perfectly fine if entrepreneurship is not something you desire for your life.

My key takeaways for this video are: Determine if you have the discipline to be an entrepreneur. Determine what your weaknesses are as an entrepreneur and find someone who can help in those areas. Study the entrepreneurs who are successfully doing what you desire to be doing.

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