Getting Your CPA License – The Process

Yaaaaay! You’ve successfully completed all four parts of the CPA Exam. Now what happens-is the certificate in the mail on its way? Now come on, you know that would be way too easy. In order to get licensed there are a few more boxes to check. In today’s video I’ll be going over the steps you need to take in order to obtain your CPA license.

First, celebrate your win. This is a big deal, so live in this moment. Next, determine if you meet the qualifications for licensure. There are three E’s to meet: exam, education, and experience. While you only need 120 credit hours to sit for the CPA exam, most states require an additional 30 credits to get licensed. Check with your State Board of Accountancy to confirm how many hours and education credits you need before you apply for licensure.

If you have met all the qualifications, now it’s time to apply for the CPA license. Once you apply, the state board will list out the steps you need to take to get licensed. These will include, proof of completing the AICPA Ethics Exam, experience verification, and acknowledgment of the CPE requirements. I have another video discussing the different accounting organizations that you need to be familiar with as it relates to the CPA exam. Maybe start with that video if you are still a little unfamiliar with some of these organizations.

Once you have checked all of these boxes, you will complete the application for your CPA license. Upon approval from your state board you will officially be a certified public accountant. Woohoo! The only thing left to do at this point will be to prosper as a new CPA. There are few licenses that require the amount of rigour and commitment that the CPA license requires. With that said, stay current with your license and do NOTHING to jeopardize its good standing. There are annual CPE requirements – stay on top of these. Congratulations!

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