5 Reasons to Take the CPA Exam Right Away

Oh hey! If you are considering taking the CPA exam but you’re wanting to put it off for a few years-don’t. In today’s video I will be going over five reasons you should start the CPA Exam right out of college. As someone who started studying for the exam right out of college but didn’t complete it until three years later, I have many opinions on this.

Life gets increasingly more difficult with time. Adding years, marriage, kids, and more work into the mix will only make it more challenging to pass. The CPA Exam is very rigorous and should not be taken lightly. This video speaks to best case scenarios. If you are already years removed from your college days and considering taking the CPA exam, I believe it can absolutely still be done. It will no doubt be more difficult, but I wholeheartedly encourage it.

Special thank you to Franziska Wagner for recommending this video topic.

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