Choosing Between Audit and Tax

Oh hey recruiting season!

The time has come for career fairs, conferences, mock interviews, and all things job hunting. If you are looking to secure a role in public accounting, you will undoubtedly be asked if you prefer to work in audit or tax. Knowing your preference is going to be very important in this process. Often students will answer “either one is fine”, believing this increases their shot at securing a position. This actually does the opposite. When recruiters do not know where to place you, your resume goes into the “nope” folder. The same can be said for office location, but we can save general tips for another video. For now, let’s focus on deciding between a role in audit or tax.

How can you make the decision between audit or tax if you have not worked in either? In today’s video I am going to be detailing a few notable differences between both careers that will help you make this choice. These tips should definitely help to provide some insight as to whether tax or audit is the best fit. At any rate, you can always give one of these career options a try for about a year and see how you like it. Many firms will allow you to make a change if you end up hating your role.

A few of my favorite accounting YouTubers who work in audit are Stephie Mills, Nicole Joao, and Alxssa. Be sure to check out their channels if you are interested in a career in audit.

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