Tips for A Successful Busy Season

The time has come, the IRS said. It’s officially busy season and this season is expected to be full of excitement given the interesting year we had in 2020. Busy season is a time, in public accounting specifically, when both auditors and tax accountants work extremely long hours (yes longer than the long hours worked outside of busy season). It can be normal to feel burned out, depressed, anxious, frustrated, and other waves of emotion during busy season. It does not have to be the worst time ever, though. This is why I am sharing my tips for surviving busy season.

In today’s video I am walking you through a few things you can do to stay healthy, maintain sanity, and stay up to date during this busy season. In today’s climate, the accounting guidance is ever changing. Staying on top of CPE will be one way to keep your sanity. In the video I mention a company called Illumeo, which offers CPE, webinars, and other on demand trainings to help keep you updated.

Despite your efforts, busy season will still be hard work. You will have your days but if nothing else — you will be that much closer to achieving your charge hour goal.

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