Finishing Your Accounting Degree from Home

I could not imagine being in my final semester of college, planning for gradation, and then boom- COVID-19 comes and ruins all my plans. Many college seniors have been hit with this unfortunate reality and now have to attempt completing their degree online.

Accounting is not the easiest of subjects, so navigating the coursework outside of the classroom can be a real challenge. You can, however, be successful in completing your accounting degree at home. This is why today’s video is all about steps you can take to finish your accounting degree online while still performing at a high level.

In the video I mention using YouTube as a supplemental learning tool. I was not successful in finding the channel that I referenced, but I will list a few other accounting channels that will help you.

Accounting Stuff

Farhat’s Accounting Lectures

CPA Strength

Best of luck to you all during the remainder of the semester. If you can no longer walk across the stage due to the COVID-19 spread, I feel for you. Do remember that the degree itself is the ultimate reward. Stay encouraged.

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