Studying During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is next week. How is that even possible? This year has flown by and has been crazy, to say the least. Thankfully the holiday season is upon us. I’m here to remind you not to let up on your studying though. If you have an exam coming up, studying during the holidays can be hard-but it is so important.

In today’s video I will be sharing a few tips to help you stay focused if you are studying for the CPA exam during the holiday season. You will likely be tempted with all the holiday festivities that are sure to come about but staying focused will be critical. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked back and thought “if I would have been studying instead of buying stupid Bath & Body Works candles on Black Friday, maybe I would’ve passed.” You live and you learn though. So I am warning you now-keep studying even during this holiday season. The sacrifice will be well worth it.

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