Being the Black Person at Work

Soooooo it’s time to have a heart to heart. In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless others- more people have began having difficult discussions about race. While race is generally a topic that is avoided in the workplace, companies have recently been putting out statements offering to stand in solidarity with and support a more inclusive workplace particularly for the Black community.

If maybe you didn’t notice- I am Black and have been for a while now. As a Black woman I have had my share of experiences that I felt were unique to my race. I’ve had many jobs over the span of my career and of them the accounting profession has been one of the least diverse. I believe that there are many opportunities for growth in this area and my hope is that we will all begin to have the necessary conversations that will drive this change.

In today’s video I am discussing what my experience has been like being Black in accounting, a predominately White profession. Disclaimer-this video is not a complaining session about the difficulties of life. My intention with The Accounting Struggle is to always speak honestly about my struggles with accounting-even when it is uncomfortable to do so. I am hopeful that this video will be enlightening for all those who are not Black who are watching and will shed light on a few experiences that I believe are shared with my fellow Black accountants. As you might imagine, I had a lot to say so this video is lengthy but I do hope that you will take the time out to finish it.

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