How I Survived My Broke College Phase

Heading off to college is scary for many students but the added layer of being dead broke makes it a lot more interesting. Fortunately for me, going through college broke did not require much adjusting. I come from a large family and grew up very poor so going through college broke sort of felt normal. I employed a few different strategies during my college days that helped me survive (legal things of course).

I know that many students are graduating but there is often a lag between graduating and starting out as an accounting professional. Bills will still be due in the interim so if you are financially independent and looking to stretch a dollar, this topic is for you.

If you are graduating or you are a broke college graduate, please understand this is only for a season. You will be working soon and earning an income in no time. Until then, Ramen noodles tastes better with hot sauce- give it a try.

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