Staying Engaged During Boring Meetings

Let’s face it, while the accounting industry can be quite riveting, there are a few topics that leave a bit to be desired. There is something about sitting in cold room and listening to a monotone presentation on economic nexus that makes the eyelids feel heavy. Falling asleep or even putting your head down is simply not an option now that you are a professional. Here are a few tips to help you through your next boring meeting.

Come Well Rested

If you know in advance that you will be attending a meeting or course that requires your attention, it helps if you are well rested. Getting a good nights rest will allow you to be more alert and energetic throughout the meeting or CPE course. If you are already exhausted going into a 8 hour training on Code Sec. 179, chances are you will struggle to stay engaged.

Take Notes

Even if you never plan to use the information that is being presented to you, it helps if you can find something to keep you busy. Taking notes forces you to be attentive and looks more professional than simply doodling on scratch paper. The best part is that you will actually be able to summarize the key points if needed.

Stand Up

Try getting to the meeting a few minutes before it starts to let the presenter or instructor know that you may need to stand periodically. Sitting for extended periods of time in and of itself can be boring. Standing helps to get the blood flowing in your body and makes it really uncomfortable to fall asleep.

Ask Questions 

If the situation allows, try asking questions to help you stay engaged. Be careful not to ask a question that has already  been answered while you were mentally sleeping. Giving a little feedback or asking a question during the meeting gives you something to focus your attention on. Plus, it shows that you are actively engaged and breaks that awkward silence when everyone else is refusing to participate.

Excuse Yourself

If all else fails, simply take a minute to excuse yourself. You are a professional now and falling asleep during a meeting would be devastating and difficult to come back from, if not impossible. Find a nearby hallway or restroom where you can do various yoga poses or jumping jacks. This will re-energize you and prepare you for the second half of that underwhelming presentation.

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